14 Years of Writing Online

Once upon a time, I was a regular blogger. I found that serializing my thoughts into text was a useful process for me and like to think that on occasion those who stumbled across my writings on various (mostly technical) topics provided some value to them.

I started my first blog in November 2013 and for the first five years or so I would say that I was a fairly prolific poster. But over time the volume of my posting went down to a trickle with little spurts of content here or there. The following chart shows my post volume over a time.

Why exactly my post volume dropped off so dramatically is probably just a side effect of other things going on in my personal and professional life, but I do like the idea of getting back to writing and receiving some of the benefits it provided me around clarifying my own thoughts.

Perhaps this post is the beginning of a gradual increase in my posting volume heading into the next decade, or maybe it is just another spurt in the otherwise quiet ongoing existence of my blog.

If I do start to post more - great! If not I don't think I'll beat myself up too much about it since I probably found other things to occupy my time with, and other ways to work through my thoughts.

Mitch Denny

Relapsed software engineer, doing open source development whilst collecting a paycheck from Microsoft. My day job is working on the Azure SDK. My words are my own.

Redmond, Washington

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