For the past 3.5 years since joining Microsoft I've been a member of the Azure DevOps organization. For the first two years I was part of an internally focused effort called 1ES (One Engineering System) and then more recently part of the Azure Artifacts team. Now in my fourth year at Microsoft it's time for another change!

Two weeks ago I took on a new role as a software engineer in the Azure SDK team with a focus on engineering systems. I'm part of a growing team of folks that build and ship the SDKs that developers use to build apps and services on top of Azure.

One of the fun aspects of the role is that I'll be getting to work with all the languages and runtimes that the Azure SDK supports.

I really enjoyed working as Program Manager in the 1ES and Azure DevOps space and it really helped me appreciate some of the challenges associated with doing software engineering at scale. I'm looking forward to working on a whole new set of challenges in my new role - remotely - from Australia!

One of the major factors in my decision to change roles was that Shelley got an opportunity to work from within the Asia Pacific region with Microsoft. We'll miss living and working in Redmond and the friendships we've built here - but home is where the heart is and we are looking forward to spending more time with family.

We don't quite know when our return date is yet but we are 99% sure we'll be living back in Melbourne down on the Mornington Peninsula somewhere.

Although working as a software engineer certainly isn't new to me, one of the big changes is that I'm effectively getting paid to work on open source software - that's pretty exciting! I'm not new to open source development of course but being paid to do it as my main job is pretty cool.