So here I am in Oslo, Norway, attending and presenting at NDC 2015. It has been a good event so far with great presentations by the other presenters. I caught Sam Newman's talk on Continuous Delivery which has some overlap with mine so it was interesting to compare notes.

In addition to watching various presentations I've been taking time out to work on my own presentation which has given me a little bit of time to indulge in people watching. I find it is a great way to get an appreciation of how a society works. One little thing that surprised me was actually the bedding arrangements in the hotel that I'm staying in.

Specifically, the bed, when made up has two small doonas/duvets on it instead of one big one covering the whole bed. I thought it was one of those interesting little cultural quirks.

Before arriving in Norway I stopped off in Sweden with my family and our hosts had set up a similar bedding arrangement. I had assumed that was just the bedding that they had available, but now when I get back I'll have to ask whether that is the tradition there as well.