When I recently moved my active blogging platform to Ghost I was surprised that it didn't offer a native comment feature for users visiting the site. Instead, users are encouraged to adopt a third party social comment solution such as Disqus.

Even when I was still blogging on WordPress I found that the value of comments had diminished to being more of a spam grease trap. I tended to get more interest when I posted a link to my Twitter feed, Facebook or LinkedIn.

Even though I think Disqus is a great solution for building a comment/forum feature attached to content on your site I have to wonder whether embedded comments are a think of the past and that we should really be using sharing buttons as a way to get users to engage socially with your content.

The great missing feature in the social sharing tools of course is the ability for the content author to really know when their content has been shared and particpate in those pockets of conversation.