Earlier this week our apartment was broken into and a lot of our electronic devices stolen. We lost TVs, computers, laptops, phones, a tablet, VR headsets and assortments of associated cables attached to those devices.

I was at work when my wife called and texted me that she had just arrived home, noticed that the house had been broken into and items stolen and was now in the car with our son waiting for law enforcement to arrive to clear the property.

The Police arrived promptly and by the time they had cleared the property I was just getting home.

Walking through your house and seeing vacant spots where electronic appliances once were is a little surreal. This was the first time in my life that my property had been broken into (beyond a smashed window in my car to grab a GPS).

The following day was really all about documenting what we believed was stolen and trying to find as many serial numbers/proof-of-purchase documents that we could to satisfy both the police report and insurance claims. I doubt we'll get the full value of what was stolen back - although isn't it strange how we automatically lower our own expectations when dealing with insurance companies, and how sometimes it can feel like you are being stolen from twice!

Now that most of the documenting is behind us (I hope) I've had time to consider how I feel about the experience. At the time I was relieved that we weren't home when it occurred because it could have been much worse (assuming that the thieves would follow through with the action if we were home). But I don't really feel angry, just more disappointment.

I'm not a religious person, but it is Thanksgiving here in the USA and so I guess I'm thankful (to the universe?) that things didn't end up worse and that despite what has happened to us this week, it doesn't really count as a major setback. I actually feel sorry for those people who robbed us. Remember that people aren't born bad, most bad behavior is learned and a product of circumstance.

Those people who entered our property and took our stuff have probably had a much harder life than we do, and it probably isn't going to get any better for them in the foreseeable future. Tomorrow we'll share a meal with friends, we'll laugh, we'll tell stories and the kids will play. Those people who stole from us will probably be looking over their shoulder feeling uncomfortable with their decisions or finding ways to escape those feelings. Hopefully, they manage to turn things around.