Encode Decode, an extension for Visual Studio Code

Back in November last year, not long after the extensibility API for Visual Studio Code was announced I started working on my own extension. Encode Decode, or ecdc for short is a relatively simple extension for VS Code which allows you to select one or more regions of text and apply a simple transformation, such as encoding the selection as a Base64 string.

The extension has had about 1400 downloads which I think is pretty neat, but based on the telemetry I'm getting I don't think it is seeing a huge amount of usage. That said, some people are using it enough to submit pull requests to the ecdc GitHub repository where the source code is located which I think is pretty cool.

Building ecdc was fun because it introduced me to at least part of the VS Code extensibility surface, and also gave me a chance to cut my teeth automating build and deployment of what is effectively a Node.js application written in TypeScript using Visual Studio Team Services.

Mitch Denny

Relapsed software engineer, doing open source development whilst collecting a paycheck from Microsoft. My day job is working on the Azure SDK. My words are my own.

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