The ASP.NET team at Microsoft has been steadily been making progress on the next major revision of their web-application platform, commonly referred to as ASP.NET vNext. I think that ASP.NET vNext will drive the biggest shift in how developers build web applications on the ASP.NET platform since the introduction of ASP.NET MVC.

  • Increased modularisation of ASP.NET components.
  • Introduction of the Roslyn compiler to drive the build.
  • Embracing successful open-source tools usch as NPM, Bower and Grunt.

This post is not going to be a feature-by-feature walkthrough of everything that is new in ASP.NET vNext. That would take weeks to put together in a coherent fashion, instead you should check out these articles on the ASP.NET site:

Once you've done reading that you probably want to get your hands dirty playing with the latest build of Visual Studio 2015! I think that is a great idea - except for one thing, I think you'll appreciate Visual Studio 2015 and ASP.NET vNext a whole heap better if you do one more thing. Spend a week with Node.js!

In particular I recommend that you spend some time setting up a Node.js site using Expressjs, getting a handle of dependency management with Bower and build automation in a Node.js world using Grunt. Getting a handle on how these technologies work outside Visual Studio will go a long way towards making you successful with ASP.NET vNext development.