I've been lucky enough to be invited to attend and speak at NDC in Oslo this year on the 17th to 19th of June. I've always heard very good things about the NDC events and I'm very much looking forward to both attending and presenting. The speaker line-up is impressive and the topics all sound interesting.

The topic that I am presenting on is (drum-roll) "Continuous Delivery Patterns for Cloud-based Applications". I put a few sessions forward but they felt this was the one that would be most interesting to the audience. I'll include the abstract here:

Continuous Delivery techniques are already being adopted broadly within mature agile development teams, but how does deploying to the cloud change the way that we should approach continuous delivery? Many deployment tools focus on promoting code and components through a set of environments ultimately ending up in production, but when we adopt that pattern in a cloud setting we miss out on one of the biggest advantages of cloud computing - infrastructure as code.

In this session Mitch will compare the traditional code promotion pattern for continuous delivery to a cloud-enabled pattern which integrates provisioning of infrastructure into the repeatable deployment process where production workload is shifted from one set of infrastructure to the next as builds of the software are released. We'll look at practical examples of how this can be achieved complete with technical demonstrations.

Finally we'll look at how this model is great for ISVs who are operating SaaS applications for enterprise customers who want control over when they are migrated and new features are enabled.

The idea for the session came to me after working with a few ISVs that were taking existing business solutions and moving them from an on-premises offering to the cloud. ISVs that haven't traditionally run live-sites often lack the operational discipline required for running production infrastructure and its a skill they need to learn.

Further, in order to be successful as a business ISVs often build a series of customer specific extensions to integrate with their existing IT investments. This presents a challenge because all of those customizations also need to be upgraded alongside the core product. This is at odds with the continuous delivery mindset that the cloud espouses. So this presentation won't just be the A-B-C of continuous delivery in the cloud - it'll take a look at some of the hard problems that both ISVs and enterprises face when either adopting or delivering SaaS solutions.

If you are interested in attending NDC Oslo be sure to check out their registration page.