Switching from WordPress to Ghost

Over the past few months I've been considering moving the blogging platform that I use from WordPress to Ghost. This is my first official post on the Ghost blogging platform which is hosted by the fine folks over at ghost.org.

WordPress has been a great blog host for a great many years and I am sure that I'm going to miss quite a few of its mature features, but I've had an eye of Ghost ever since its Kickstarter project went up. There were a few things that appealed to me:

  • Use of Markdown for content creation
  • Node.js-based backend
  • Clean and simple user interface

Part of the move involved transferring my mitchdenny.com domain away from GoDaddy to DNSimple. The reason I needed to do this was because GoDaddy didn't support ANAME/ALIAS records required to get Ghost listening for requests to my named mitchdenny.com domain. I'll eventually transition my other domains as they come up for renewal.

I still have a bit of work to do including coming up with a good way of migrating my content from the old WordPress engine. In the meantime you can access the old content at notgartner.wordpress.com.

Mitch Denny

Relapsed software engineer, doing open source development whilst collecting a paycheck from Microsoft. My day job is working on the Azure SDK. My words are my own.

Redmond, Washington

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