Over the past few months I've been considering moving the blogging platform that I use from WordPress to Ghost. This is my first official post on the Ghost blogging platform which is hosted by the fine folks over at ghost.org.

WordPress has been a great blog host for a great many years and I am sure that I'm going to miss quite a few of its mature features, but I've had an eye of Ghost ever since its Kickstarter project went up. There were a few things that appealed to me:

  • Use of Markdown for content creation
  • Node.js-based backend
  • Clean and simple user interface

Part of the move involved transferring my mitchdenny.com domain away from GoDaddy to DNSimple. The reason I needed to do this was because GoDaddy didn't support ANAME/ALIAS records required to get Ghost listening for requests to my named mitchdenny.com domain. I'll eventually transition my other domains as they come up for renewal.

I still have a bit of work to do including coming up with a good way of migrating my content from the old WordPress engine. In the meantime you can access the old content at notgartner.wordpress.com.